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Holiday park in Brabant

Holiday park in Brabant

Holiday park in Brabant

Discover the Summio holiday parks in Brabant! This stunning province is known for the beautiful nature, cozy cities, and delicious local specialties. Here you can go for amazing hikes and bike tours through nature reserves such as De Loonse en Drunense Duinen or family parks like the Efteling. Whether you are looking for peacefulness, relaxation or adventure, there is something for everyone.

Why go for a holiday park in Brabant?

Why go for a holiday park in Brabant?

The versatile province Noord-Brabant is de perfect base for an amazing holiday:

  • Enjoy the bon-vivant lifestyle
  • Visit cities like Eindhoven and Den Bosch
  • Discover the most amazing family parks!
  • Explore beautiful nature reserves
Nature from a holiday park in Brabant

Enjoy nature at your holiday park in Brabant

A stay at a holiday park in Brabant is perfect to enjoy the beautiful nature. In Brabant you can find many nature reserves like the Loonse en Drunense Duinen, the Oisterwijkse Bossen and Vennen en Landgoed De Utrecht. From the 25-meter watchtower at Landgoed De Utrecht you have a beautiful panoramic view over the marshlands. The nature of Brabant offers amazing opportunities for hiking, biking, and birdwatching.

A city trip to Eindhoven

Visiting cities in Brabant from your holiday home

In the surrounding area of Summio holiday parks in Brabant you can find vibrant cities that are definitely worthwhile visiting. How do you feel about a day of shopping in the historical city center of Den Bosch where you can admire the beautiful Sin-Janskathedraal. Or visit one of the many museums such as the Philips Museum in Eindhoven, the design city of the Netherlands. In Tilburg you can enjoy art, culture, and many festivals, while the bon-vivant Breda is known for the vibrant shopping streets and fun events that are organized all year round. There is a lot to do during your stay at a holiday park in Brabant!

Visit family park the Efteling

Visit a family park like Safari Park Beekse Bergen or the Efteling

Do you want to go on an excursion? During your stay at a holiday park in Brabant you are close to the most amazing family parks in the Netherlands! Go on a safari and discover over 100 animals at Safari Park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. Or enjoy a magical day at the Efteling where you can find enchanting attractions for all ages. From exciting roller coasters to the Sprookjesbos; a day at the Efteling guarantees unforgettable moments!

Summio Parc Duc de Brabant in Diessen-Baarschot

Enjoy yourself in bon-vivant fashion at Summio Parc Duc de Brabant! At this forest filled holiday park in Brabant you stay at a comfortable bungalow or in a charming log home with a bubble bath. Do you fancy a delicious meal? Go for a delicious lunch or dinner at specialty restaurant Auberge De Hilver! Furthermore, in summer you can take a dive in the outdoor swimming pool and enjoy the Fun & Entertainment Programma. Do you want to explore the natural surrounding area? Rent a bike at the park; within 10 minutes by bike, you are at the extraordinary Landgoed De Utrecht. The location of the park is perfect for fun excursions like a city trip or going to a family park.

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Summio Bungalowpark Herperduin in Herpen

This holiday park in Brabant is a real family park in the middle of nature. Stay in a detached bungalow in the forest for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people and discover our unique group accommodation for up to 20 people. Here you can even enjoy a private cinema, bubble bath and sauna, perfect for a family holiday! At this park you can find 2 restaurants, including a pancake restaurant. At the park you can also find a swimming pool, bike rental and a large play forest. Enjoy the natural surrounding area, go for a day of shopping in Den Bosch or Nijmegen and go on fun excursions with the whole family. Enjoy the best quality time together!

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A stay at a holiday park in Brabant

Book a stay at a holiday park in Brabant

Are you looking to get away for the weekend, midweek or a longer stay? At Summio holiday parks in Brabant you can find everything you need for an amazing stay. From comfortable or luxurious bungalows in the forest filled surrounding area at Summio Parc Duc de Brabant to charming bungalows next to a vast nature reserve filled with heathlands at Summio Bungalowpark Herperduin; you enjoy nature with your company here! Furthermore, every park offers many facilities, such as places to eat or drink and playgrounds for the youngest guests. When will we be able to welcome you for an amazing holiday in Brabant?